Ultrasound #4: Studying electric engineering kind of stuff

I want to design a ultrasonic phased array board by myself. To do so, I feel I need to understand Electric Engineering, Mechatronics, and whatever. So, I’ll mainly study these two materials.

Make: Electronics: Learning Through Discovery

Seems great book for beginners. I did some experiments and it was simply fun!

You need some specific components such as resisters, LEDs, and so on. If you want to finish the whole book, I think it’s cheaper and easier to buy a kit rather than to buy them individually. I bought these kits (from 1 to 3) on amazon.

Mechatronics lecture at Saint Martin’s University

Since the book above seems more on experiment based, I also want to study more on theory based material, and I found one! It’s a lecture about Mechatronics (I’ve never heard it before by the way) at Saint Martin’s University. I’ve seen some videos so far and it’s pretty good. Videos are well recorded, the lecturer is nice, easy explanation, materials are organized, etc. I’m happy I found this lecture.

So, all I have to do is to have fun studying 🙂