Week1 self-portrait idea 1

What I want to be known for by the classmates? I’ve already done self introductions to them for two times. What else I have not told?

It should be the drums. I like playing drums. I like many kinds of music, but like heavy metal/rock the most. Somehow I want to tell that via self portrait.

After some brain storming (my memo is uploaded here), I decided to draw a drum score of my first name Keita in Japanese Hiragana which is けいた. Japanese Hiragana is nice, since it’s my first language, my root.

Then play it on the actual drum set. I feel it is better than creating drum track on DAW. Actual drum set is more live, acoustic, and I should be able to express myself more.

Let’s record a video of me playin the drums of my name and upload them on this website.

Sounds good! I need to book a studio sometime soon.